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No mega trucks in Europe!


No mega trucks in Europe!

The EU considers to allow longer, heavier vehicles in Europe. The danger posed by mega trucks has hardly been recognised in most European countries, and almost no public debate on this issue is taking place. This website has been set up by the NO MEGA TRUCKS alliance to inform people about the dangers that mega trucks pose for traffic safety, for the environment and for public finances.



All about mega trucks


Mega trucks - the facts

Longer, heavier truck (LHV) on a rural road

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They are over 25 metres long and can weigh up to 60 tonnes. Find out why longer, heavier vehicles are dangerous, where they can already be found and whether the EU is planning to allow.

The truth about mega trucks

Independent research

Chart with a pen

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The conclusions of several independent scientific studies could not be clearer: Gigaliners would not be a contribution towards sustainable transport.


Scientific studies on Gigaliners


European politics

EU flags in Brussels

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The process of influencing opinion is already well under way, and the political situation is open and dangerous. If the EU allows mega trucks then they will drive in whole Europe.

How does the EU decide?

List of mega truck opponents

list of mega truck opponents

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Many organisations from across Europe and from all sections of society are against allowing mega trucks. An overview of organisations opposing mega trucks can be found here.

List of mega truck opponents


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