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About the campaign

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About the campaign

Get the facts, take a stand, create networks

The European Commission considers to allow longer, heavier vehicles in Europe. But the danger posed by mega trucks has hardly been noticed in most European countries, and almost no public debate on this issue is taking place.

The website NO MEGA TRUCKS is intended to provide information about longer and heavier vehicles and to give organisations from across Europe the opportunity to take a stand and become active in their own countries. Remember - the transport ministers and members of the European parliament from every country in the EU directly influence the decisions made by the Commission.


Get the facts

Longer, heavier truck (LHV) on a rural road

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Get to know all about longer and heavier trucks. This website has been set up by the NO MEGA TRUCKS alliance to inform people about the dangers that mega trucks pose for traffic safety, for the environment and for public finances.

Take a stand

Organisations can add their names to the list of mega truck opponents. This will show transport ministers and politicians that organisations from all over Europe and from all sectors of society are against longer, heavier vehicles.


Create networks

help preventing the admission of gigaliners

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Organisations that want to do more and actively oppose mega trucks can find other organisations and to form alliances to exert even greater political pressure on a national level.



Who is behind this campaign



The NO MEGA TRUCKS information platform was initiated by four organisations from Europe and Germany that are committed to environmental protection and traffic safety. They are united by their rejection of mega trucks and a common vision – to create networks across Europe in a united front to stop mega trucks from being allowed on Europe's roads.


Successful national campaigns against mega trucks

Many organisations in Europe have started their own national campaigns against mega trucks.