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Opinion polls: The public oppose mega trucks

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The public oppose mega trucks

The great majority of citizens oppose the introduction of mega trucks. This has been demonstrated by representative opinion polls in important European countries.

  • flag Germany

    © Faye78

    The market research institute forsa carried out a representative opinion poll in Germany on the issue of Gigaliners on Germany's roads. The poll was carried out in July 2014 and was commissioned by the Pro-Rail Alliance (Allianz pro Schiene), the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) and the …
  • flag Belgium

    © Faye78

    In February 2012 the Belgian research institute iVOX carried out an opinion poll on mega trucks. The study was conducted on behalf of the mobility organization Komimo and the environmental groups BBL, IEW and Greenpeace. 1000 people aged 18 or older were asked on their opinion on longer, heavier trucks - …
  • flag Poland

    © Faye78

    In October 2011 Inquiry Market Research conducted a survey on behalf of the campaign "Tiry na tory” (move trucks to trains) in Poland. The poll intended to study the campaigns reception in the public and the acceptance of combined transport in the Polish society. Also analysed was the attitude of people …
  • flag Switzerland

    © Faye78

    The LINK Institut asked the Swiss people for their opinion on longer and heavier trucks in November 2009. The result of the representative opinion poll conducted on behalf of the Alpen-Initiative was clear: an overwhelming majority of 80 percent rejects the admission of mega trucks. The most important …
  • flag France

    © Faye78

    The vast majority of people in France are opposing mega trucks. This was shown in a representative opinion poll carried out by the polling firm CSA on behalf of the environmental group France Nature Environnement (FNE) in June 2009. 81 percent of French reject the admission of mega trucks 79 percent are …
  • flag United Kingdom

    © Faye78

    The market research organisation GfK NOP conducted an opinion poll in August 2007 on the subject of Gigaliners in Great Britain. The research was commissioned by the organisation Freight on Rail. Its conclusions: 75% of the public do not support allowing Gigaliners onto British roads. 80% of the public …