The 5 most important crypto topics for 2021

After a turbulent (crypto-) year 2020, we would like to look ahead to what awaits us in the coming 12 months.

How far is the DeFi sector really? Could NFT trigger the next big hype? And what about the regulation of crypto currencies like Bitcoin or tokenized securities, so-called security tokens?

Investors, BinBot fans as well as technology enthusiasts are faced with the difficult challenge of assessing which developments in which crypto sector can be expected in the coming months. In the December issue of Kryptokompass, we have therefore examined the five most relevant crypto investment topics in a comprehensive analysis.

The 5-top topics: Bitcoin, Stablecoin, Security Token, DeFi and NFT

Among the top 5 topics: Bitcoin, Stablecoin, Security Token, DeFi and NFT. We have subjected each of these segments to five criteria. Specifically, we looked at what developments can be expected in the following areas in the crypto year 2021:

Maturity: We looked at how high the establishment and use is. For example, is there a functioning, sustainable ecosystem? Have service providers established themselves around the application spectrum?

Bubble and hype potential: How much substance is behind the current developments around the crypto topic? How high is the risk of bubble formation?

Regulatory issues: What are the regulatory opportunities and risks that the topic presents? These can be legal frameworks that have a beneficial effect on the topic, but also negative if they are restrictions or regulations that inhibit innovation.

Innovation: Can greater progress be expected in further development? Are there already signs of new areas of application that will attract more investors?

Competitive situation: Is there any competition from traditional markets that could undermine the crypto sector? Examples would be traditional services such as documentary securitization, payment service providers, but also alternative government offerings.

To gain even more clarity, we have integrated a point system into the analysis that indicates how high the expected dynamics in the respective field are. The scale of points ranges from 1 (not much will happen, little dynamic) to 5 (a lot will happen, very dynamic).

How is the competitive situation at Bitcoin?

If we pick out Bitcoin, the criterion of the competitive situation, for example, is assessed with two points. This rather low dynamic is due to the fact that Bitcoin’s status as a crypto lead currency is beyond doubt.

Bitcoin competes, if at all, with the precious metal gold. Despite major differences between the two asset classes, Bitcoin must increasingly compete with the value store gold. Even if only slightly, Bitcoin struggles with gold to achieve the highest possible weighting in the portfolio. Ultimately, however, one cannot speak of a tense competitive situation.

Crypto Compass: Well Prepared to Start the New Year

How Bitcoin and the other topics within the ranges mentioned cut off and which relevant factors of influence will coin/shape the coming year, is described in detail in the new expenditure for crypto compass. Beside our title topic exciting background reports wait for the stock exchange enterprise Wordline, the largest payment processor of Europe as well as Kapilendo, a citizen of Berlin Fintech, which connects the traditional financial sector with the token economy.

In addition to these insights, critical guest articles on Bitcoin and DeFi provide the necessary amount of information to enable crypto professionals to have their say. This and much more on almost 70 pages in the new Cryptokompass.